The Great Escape

Mar 02, 2018

​The Great Escape

Voted Whistler’s #1 rainy day activity, Escape! Whistler is the brainchild of Whistler locals Kori Klusmeier and Karen Mizukami. Now entering it’s third year of operations, the success of the project is shown by the thousands of satisfied customers to escape since December 2015.


Inspired by escape room experiences while travelling in Europe, Kori and Karen mixed serious creative talent with good business sense and a little of the culture that makes Whistler unique to create the town’s first escape room.

For anyone not familiar with the concept, escape rooms are live action gaming experiences that originated in Japan. Groups of players are “trapped” in themed environments and must use teamwork and logic to solve puzzles and escape.

Escape Room Whistler

A new challenge…

As the team at Escape! Whistler have recently created a new room, The Pinball Machine, it only seemed right that we take on the challenge. A huge part of what makes these experiences so fun is that there are NO spoilers, so to maintain the suspense we’ll keep detail to a minimum but we can give away a little back story. While checking out an abandoned old video arcade you discover a cheat code that mysteriously transports you into a video pinball machine.
Any lover of the 80s will be stoked on the aesthetic (there’s a definite Tron/Stranger Things vibe); once you can stop admiring the design, teamwork, communication, logic, and perhaps the odd clue from the ever supportive staff will be required to find your way out.
 Which we did, just, with only a little assistance from Mr. Klusmeier himself.
This newest room has a strong focus on practical engagement, so you should expect to get hands on with the puzzles and challenges.

Get involved

There’s a definite buzz involved in the experience; while it may not be as extreme as some of Whistler’s other iconic activities, there’s no doubt that the challenge of real world problem solving in such an immersive environment really gets the adrenaline flowing.
There are 3 other rooms, each offering a different style of experience and level of difficulty:

  • The Pirate Ship – taken captive by a ruthless band of pirates, you start in handcuffs and must use your ingenuity to escape. The best room for your first Escape Whistler experience. Beginner
  • The Buried Cabin – A true Whistler tale… While spending a night in the backcountry your cabin is buried by an avalanche, sealing the door. How will you get out? Intermediate
  • The Rabbit Hole – While hiking you spot a very peculiar rabbit. After he darts down a hole in a tree, you follow him into a very strange world where up is down and weird is normal. Now you need to figure out a way back to your own world. Advanced

Thanks to relationships with local artists and creatives, the team have been able to give each room a unique vibe you won’t find anywhere else, and because there are no photos permitted in the rooms you’ll just have to go check them out!

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