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Whistler Film Festival 2017: The Fountain Of Youth

Nov 27, 2017

The Whistler International Film Festival runs November 29th to December 3rd.  What’s On Sea To Sky recently previewed the two entries that touch on local filmmakers and people. This is the first review of two films. READ The Moment’s Review

The Fountain Of Youth

Director: Mike Douglas, Switchback Entertainment

For all of you long time locals and passionate powder skiiers, our pick for you at the Whistler Film Fest is “Fountain Of Youth”. There is so much to like about this film.

Longtime Whistler athlete, filmmaker and local legend Mike Douglas embarks on a journey to find out if he’s still got it and more importantly, how to keep it. 

Mike’s spent decades in Whistler logging hundreds of ski days and making films about it. Sometimes he is the star, but most of his recent work the past few years has focused on others who brave the steep and deep. His Whistler based production company, Switchback Entertainment, has logged over 100 web episodes for Salomon TV. In short, he gets to do what half of the Whistler ski population wants to do for a living:  ski amazing locations and make videos about it.  

The style “The Fountain Of Youth” film tends to feel a bit like an old school Warren Miller Film.  Chapman personally stars in and narrates the film. Sure, it’s about skiing, but it’s also about our personal relationship with mountains and the culture that comes with it. The departure from his normal film genre is the perfect match for the Whistler Film Festival.

The film is part documentary and part Ja-pow commercial. Anyone who skis’s or rides deep powder locally has put Japan on their personal ski bucket list recently. Mike is no exception. He takes a trip to Japan to try and tap into the reasons for the Japanese passion for the mountains and in some cases, the ability to ski into their 90s. He pays tribute to some Japanese ski legends in the process.

Fountain Of Youth Movie Mike Chapman

It’s a personal story. You can see how Mike can’t stop challenging himself to try and do the trick’s he mastered in his 20s. And like the rest of us in our 40s, he sees yoga as a somewhat boring but necessary evil to attaining our faded glory on the slopes. Yet he keeps trying to up his game and grabs amazing footage in the process. This is a guy who just can’t see himself giving up on freestyle skiing. Ever.

Visually, the film is quite a treat to watch. You get excited watching not only the beautifully shot ski footage but for the Japanese culture. He uses his trip to learn how to improve his personal chances of skiing into his 90s. Needless to say, the Fountain of Youth is a film that everyone will enjoy, but particularly those of us in the middle of our lives.

Movie Times: December 1st 7:30 and December 3rd at 4:30 @ Maury Young Arts Centre

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